Sunday, 5 November 2017

Wilkins Photo

I believe that the photo below was taken in the early 1950s :
Front row, left to right
Beatrice Louisa Wilkins then Nicolls nee Tothill (1885-1959), who married Albert Henry Wilkins (1877-1928) in 1910. An item about their lives is on this blog.
- Florence “Florrie” Graham then Hales then Trollope nee Wilkins (1903-88). She was a daughter of Cecilia Mary Wilkins (1884-1952), who was a sister of Albert Henry Wilkins.
- Marjorie Marsh nee Wilkins (1923-2017), who married George Frederick Marsh in 1947. Marjorie was a daughter of Herbert George Wilkins (1888-1951), who was a brother of Albert Henry Wilkins.

Back row, left to right
Albert Edward "Eddie" Wilkins (1923-2014), the only child of Beatrice Louisa Wilkins. An item about his life is on this blog.
- Mary L Colegate nee Rogers. This photo was taken before she became Eddie’s second wife in 1955.
- This is probably William Thomas Hales (1892-1954), second husband of Florence Wilkins.
George Frederick Marsh (1924-2009), husband of Marjorie.

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