Thursday, 18 December 2014

Group photo from 1912 wedding between William Taylor and Gertude Wilkins

Russell Wilkins has shown me a copy of this picture from his late father's album. His photo has notes on the back identifying most of the adults in it. I have incorporated this info into the text below.

The wedding was 26 May 1912 at Holy Trinity Church, New Charlton. William (aged 22) and Gertrude (22) are in the front row, third and second from the right.

William Taylor was the 5th of 7 children and had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Gertrude Wilkins was the 8th of 9 children and had 2 brothers and 6 sisters. The group seems to be mostly (perhaps all) members and friends of Gertrude’s family.

Other people in the group are :
Man in front row next to William – Herbert George Wilkins (aged 24)
Man in back row, second from left – Albert Henry Wilkins (34)
Herbert and Albert were Gertrude’s brothers and both witnessed the marriage certificate.
Old lady in front row on left – Gertrude’s mother Jane Wilkins nee Cornwell (60).
Woman in front row on right - Mabel Wilkins (20), Gertrude’s youngest sister.
Short woman in second row standing between Jane and Herbert Wilkins – Beatrice Louisa Wilkins nee Tothill (26), the wife of Albert Henry Wilkins.
Woman in second row on left - Daisy Gertrude M Tothill (24), a sister of Beatrice. Daisy married Albert E Finnis later in 1912.
Girl in back row next to Albert Henry Wilkins - Florence Wilkins (9), a daughter of Cecilia Mary Wilkins, who was a sister of Gertrude.
Woman in second row next to Beatrice - Maud Emily Dimon nee Slade (36), a Wilkins family friend. 
Woman in middle of second row, standing between Herbert and William – probably Ethel Suter nee Wilkins (30), Gertrude’s sister who later became William’s second wife after Gertrude died in 1919.
Woman on right hand side of second row – Mary Allen (known as Polly) Wilkins, wife of Herbert.

The other two adults in the group are standing third and second from the right in the second row. They could be Elizabeth Jane Jenkins nee Wilkins (36), who was Gertrude's eldest sister, and her husband Walter Hugh Jenkins (37). The man is holding a baby who could be their son, Stanley Hugh Jenkins, who was born in 1911.  

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